Saturday, June 19, 2010

Team Mai

Women's Team

The official blog featured the Women's Team to showcase their new NeoMax.

Mai Shiranui - Kunoichi no Mai

Mai performs a Musasabi no Mai to jump to the wall then lunges forward. Upon contact, she attacks the opponent in angles forming the kanji for Onna (Jp woman) then teleports in front. She poses with her hand outstretched, fan in hand, before making the kanji at her back explode, Sentai style!

King - Venom Shot

King jumps a bit then does an angled Venom shot which explodes below. She can also do this in midair, I think.

Yuri Sakazaki - Haoh Raiouhken

Yuri jumps higher up, then charges a bit before release a larger, more powerful Raiouhken which splashes upon hitting the ground.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Team Ikari

Team Leona Staff Blog

Official blog for KOF XIII has been updated to showcase Team Ikari and their NeoMAXes.

Leona's NeoMAX is called Leona Blade, sorta looks like a beefed up Rebel Spark DM with bigger flame splashes. The difference is that her hair changes color to red, hinting a blood riot awakening.

Ralf's NM is called Jet Vulcan Punch. He does rapid punches, kinda reminds me of Krizalid's DM and Real Bout Rick Strowd's P. Power. I've seen another reference this move to Luffy's rapid punches from One Piece.

Clark's NM is called Ultra Clark Buster. Or was it crackbuster? Anyways, he just throws the enemy up then smashes them on the ground. Samurai Shodown Hanzo's grapple technique looks cooler than this. It also borrows inspiration from Tizoc's  supers.

Honda and Seth

KAiWAi posted new alt costume for SSF4. I'm still waiting on Vega/M.Bison's alt costume. What's taking it long? hahah

Honda in Hawaiian costume?! Aloha!

A Seth in Gill's loincloth (in pyro and cryo skin discoloration as well.)

Source: Capcom Unity
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