Thursday, April 2, 2015

Paalam Ragnarok

Jupitel Thunder!!!

I never really played Ragnarok pero I think I can relate sa mga players nito.

Way back 2000 something during the beta stages pa lang, I can remember renting innernetz sa isang chipanggang net cafe sa Boni. Dinayo pa namin kesehodang 1km away dahil sa 15 pesos per hour. Normal checking lang ng profile sa Friendster, search ng walkthrough sa GameFAQs, at download ng songs sa LimeWire. Napansin namin ng kapatid ko na busying busy naglalaro ang mga tao sa isang game. Ragnarok Online. Feeling inggitero, nagpa-aassist kami sa caretaker na installan din kami. Tanggi agad ang sagot ni kuya. Wala na daw pwede maglaro.

And with that never ko na nitry laruin ang Philippine Ragnarok. Yes nagtampo ako. Tanga din naman kasi si kuya. Di man lang kasi inekpleyn na closed na ang beta. Mauunawaan ko naman yun. Pero ok lang. At least di ako naadik masyado sa game.

Pero naadik ang mga friends ko nun. Sila Ferdie, Louie, at Paul nagpupuyat sa mga net cafe sa Kalentong.  More than 12 hours yata sila nagbababad doon. Minsan bibisita na lang kami pero di mo rin sila makausap ng matino kasi mga grind mode. At wala pang kain at tulog na maayos. Yan ang dedication sa game. Actually may nagfriendship over pa sa kanila ng magkanakawan ng items sa Kafra. Extreme I tells yah.

What's so special sa pRO? I can't really say. Sa perspective ko kasi parang simpleng online game lang sya. Pero sa mga players nito equivalent ito sa dugo at pawis at oras na ginugol para lang maharvest ang rare equips at cards. Looking back, naiisip ko ang Ragnarok parang Friendster ng online games. Parang jologs lang sa mga outsiders pero cool and engaging. Hindi nga sya tulad ng modern MMORPGs with the ultra realistic character models and environment, fast pace action, high tech gameplay and all. Simple lang pero rock.

PS. Pangarap ko maging Mage dati kaso nga di ako nakapaglaro nito. Kaya dito ko lang maicacast ang Jupitel Thunder spell.

Photo by alegria via zerochan.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year Yoshi-P

Heavensturn greeting from Yoshi-P as he addresses what we might expect from patch 2.5 Before the Fall. As said, it will be split into three parts. First part will take majority of the patch by mid to end January: three new dungeons for Keeper of the Lake in Mor Dhona, and hard modes for Amdapor Keep and Wanderer's Palace; conclusion of the Crystal Tower in the World of Darkness; and a new battle for Odin, among others. Patch 2.51 will feature Manderville Gold Saucer area including Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad. Patch 2.5x will be the transition patch by end of March before expansion 3.0 Heavensward.

I don't wanna go into detail in Heavensward as you might have already read the details and rumors. Excited much. I just wanna know what they have in store for us Summoners. Maybe a Grand Summoner-esque ability to call on the Primal itself not the egi, in Yuna fashion, or maybe the watered down version of Scion summoning in Ivalice.

Anyway, what I really wanna know is the pic Yoshi-P inserted in his greetings.

Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi. One-Fuji, Two-Hawk (as per Google translate or should it be hawk?), and Three-Eggplant. What? It doesn't make sense. Anyway, happy new year y'all!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Y'shtola Minion

Minion for sale. WTF. 5 USD for this cute minion. I want. But I want this for free for some event quest or something. OMG! Cuteness overload!

Barriers not included.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Spotted: Jecht

Jecht cosplay from Bukarest Otaku Festival 2012.

You can be my Final Aeon anytime!

Photo by Marino Calssara via Flickr.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Captain Marvel x Captain Marvel

Photo by Nick Perks via DeviantArt.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

X-Women Power

It's only now that I've started catching up with my X-Men. I remembering just watching the 90s cartoon series. It was fun. Really. But when you go back to your wikis, I was so surprised the comic books are way too different from what I knew from the cartoons. And I'm not even talking about the cinematic universe cause they're really fucked up.

Anyway, with various mutants transferring from team to team, it's hard to follow who's on whose team. With a mutant rebellion headed by Cyclops and Wolverine now an Uncanny Avenger, the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning is left with the ladies to defend. Yes, it's girl power on the latest volume of the X-Men franchise.

Marvel has so many girls. Come to think of it: Avengers has the Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. On another side of the galaxy we have Gamora, strongest woman in the galaxy, and Angela. Asgard has Brunhilde and Sif. And now Marvel will be releasing a lady Thor, which is weird I know. DC has just a few, and you only need one: Wonder Woman. Up to now I don't think Marvel has a direct rival to the princess of Themyscira.

The current roster for X-Men is Jubilee, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, and Monet St. Croix lead by Storm fighting against the Sisterhood of Mutants. I don't like the mohawk on Ororo though, a throwback hairstyle if you must. The past Jean Grey is with the other time-displaced First Class team including Kitty Pryde and X-23. The Uncanny X-Men has Emma Frost and Magik. X-Force has Domino, Hope Summers, and Spiral on different team sets. X-Factor has Polaris. I'm not even haflway counting the ladies.

The poster above is Terry Dodson's variant of the 5th issue. We still have Rogue in it. I thought she's part of the Uncanny Avengers? I dunno, I haven't started reading about this volume.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Obviously, I'm still grieving for Gwen Stacy's death from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 months ago. Until I googled something.

It's Spider-Gwen! This is part of the Edge of Spiderverse series--a what if Gwen Stacy was the one bitten by the radioactive spider--to be released in November this year. Obviously, we won't see this in the cinematic spiderverse. But I'm still hopeful that they might consider this as an incursion in the Amazing Spider-Man mainstream universe; maybe the filler female Spider-Man movie in 2017. Watchathink?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

DORKLY: Lessons That Videogames Have Taught Me










We've seen this image posted on the official Facebook page of Final Fantasy XIV. Seems like a normal pic when you realize the player is a Summoner wearing an AF+1 gear (Summoner's doublet set) while she's still has an Emerald Carbuncle as pet.

So what's the big deal?

For one, you can't wear the artifact sets without finishing all the job specific quests. That means you will have to finish the Primal quest to get the Garuda Egi which basically overwrites your Emerald Carbuncle as your Summon before you can wear these sets. 

Will we be seeing all the summons side by side in the next patch? I mean you have a choice to cast either a Titan Egi or a Topaz Carbuncle, or a Garuda or Emerald Carbuncle? Will we see a Leviathan Egi and Ramuh Egi as well? Will these summons transform into a higher form, say for instance, maybe a Suparna/Chirada version rather than a full Garuda form?

And lastly, if we fix this for Summoner, could we also have a Scholar who can cast Carbuncle? Topaz Carbuncle perhaps for an off-tank in a Light Party, anyone?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chun-Li VS Mai Shiranui | DEATH BATTLE! | ScrewAttack!

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