Sunday, July 13, 2014


We've seen this image posted on the official Facebook page of Final Fantasy XIV. Seems like a normal pic when you realize the player is a Summoner wearing an AF+1 gear (Summoner's doublet set) while she's still has an Emerald Carbuncle as pet.

So what's the big deal?

For one, you can't wear the artifact sets without finishing all the job specific quests. That means you will have to finish the Primal quest to get the Garuda Egi which basically overwrites your Emerald Carbuncle as your Summon before you can wear these sets. 

Will we be seeing all the summons side by side in the next patch? I mean you have a choice to cast either a Titan Egi or a Topaz Carbuncle, or a Garuda or Emerald Carbuncle? Will we see a Leviathan Egi and Ramuh Egi as well? Will these summons transform into a higher form, say for instance, maybe a Suparna/Chirada version rather than a full Garuda form?

And lastly, if we fix this for Summoner, could we also have a Scholar who can cast Carbuncle? Topaz Carbuncle perhaps for an off-tank in a Light Party, anyone?

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