Saturday, July 9, 2011

Master Ryu

Been a long time since I've written about any game... been busy at work and stuff yah know. Anyways, I revisited this blog and saw that the main traffic is on the alt costumes for SSIV4. I then revisited KaiWai's thread where he posted his ideas. At first I thought he hasn't updated anything until I saw Ryu.

Ryu is wearing the same gi as his master Gouken. He's also sporting a beard which makes him look older, wiser, and hopefully calmer (maybe a time when he has overcome his Satsui no Hadou. It suits him actually, and it also makes him hotter hahah. Casual wear isn't actually a Ryu thing yah know.

Below is a montage of Ryu designs for SSIV I think. The first two on the right page were included as alternate DLC for him. Such a shame but I liked the 3rd, 5th and 7th (yum hahah).

Source: KaiWai's alternate costumes
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