Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dissidia Duodecim Flash Update

So there, I haven't updated much about which games I'm playing or following right now. One I'm most excited is the prequel to Dissidia, titled Dissidia Duodecim. It tells the story of the twelfth cycle war between the forces of Cosmos and Chaos. Many new characters are added in the game and this will tell you their story why there were not part of the thirteenth cycle.

Heniweys, the new combatants (or should they be old fighters since this one is a flashback of the present Dissidia, I got confused. hahah) are, in order of announcement via official site: Lightning (or miss Claire Farron), Kain Highwind, Tifa Lockhart,Vaan, and Laguna Loire. Lady Summoner has been presented via teaser in clip showing her performing her Sending ritual, and voila Yuna was last seen in a page in Famitsu update.

Lightning can change paradigm shift. Kain uses his dragoon abilities. Tifa's EX mode looks awful with her wearing somewhat an ultimate weapon which doesn't resemble her God's Hand, more like Twin Bee gloves. Vaan looks promising in this game as he is able to change weapons in battle the same way how in FFXII you can master any weapon you've learned via License grid, and he doesn't need to be in EX mode to be able to move like Gabranth. Laguna has more ranged attacks relying mostly on his bzookas and looks like an Irvine Kinneas clone.Yuna fights in her original summoner mode and her EX burst is Sending where she sends off multiple summons on the enemy (instead of sending the enemy to Farplane which should've been a lot easier doncha think?)

Other updates include third costumes. Most notable is the Edea cosplay of Ultimecia. Although she actually did possess Edea, why haven't they also tried having costumes for Adel and Rinoa? Cecil and Golbez's third costume comes from designs in The After Years. Gabranth's is the one he wore to impersonate Basch in the opening chapter in FFXII. All the rest are based on Amano's arts. Lightning and Cloud have an unlockable form based on 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts respectively.

Other updates include assist system which I haven't reasearch on yet.

Final Fantasy IV Complete

Amano illustration featuring the 
The After cast headed by Ceodore.

I'm so excited for this one. I know I felt bored playing FF4 on GBA because I felt it was too slow. I haven't tried the DS version yet. And I know I can't play the The After sequel since it was only available as a downloadable content on mobile phones in Japan. Good luck to me.

Until fortune smile one day.

And here comes the PSP version, Final Fantasy IV Complete. It features the original game and the sequel in redrawn high resolution 2D graphics, plus a scenario that bridges the two games. As per wiki. Just one more problem, I have yet to buy my own PSP. hahah.

I 'm hoping to get that within the first quarter of the year. Right in time for Duodecim.
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