Saturday, October 8, 2011

KOF XIII Console

King of Fighters XIII is coming out on PS3 and XBOX360. It seems the arcade version is still a bit incomplete so they're adding some stuff in for the console release. I think they'ire adding some back stories for the other characters who didn't make it to the roster this year.

There are snapshots showing Adelheid. Rose Bernstein is the sponsor of this year's tournament so I'm wondering why Adelheid has not competed as a special boss or something. There's also another shot with Heidern meeting up with Agent Team Vanessa, Blue Mary, Seth and Ramon.

But the most anticipated added feature is the inclusion of three console specific characters.

The first one is Billy Kane. He's sporting the same costume he wore in the original Fatal Fury (subtitled King of Fighters in 1993). This is the same one he wore when he first entered King of Fighters in 1995. We know hhee changed into his Real Bout costume in 1997.

The next one is Saiki, Ash's ancestor, and master of Those From the Past. He's using Ash as a base in most of his actions, so yeah he's a clone. Only difference is he's using dark flames instead of green. Kinda Mugen-ish if you ask me. His NeoMAX is similar to Orochi Chris's HSDM where he changes into the large red nude Saiki and then fill the screen with black flames until it fades entirely to black.

The last one is Iori Yagami. This time he has regained his flame, maybe this character was supposed to exist in the game after the defeat of Ash. His mode is the same as he was last seen with flames in KOFXI. His NeoMAX is the same as his HDSM in KOF 2002 with just purple flames exploding.

I've seen another one but I still can't confirm. There's another costume for Kyo where he wears his costume way back in KOF '94. I think this is just an alternate costume since the video shows him using the same moves in the arcade version.

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