Monday, November 7, 2011

Harasenu Harashimasu

Yami ni madoishi awarena kage yo. Hito wo kizutsuke otoshimete. Tsumi ni oboreshi gou no karma. Ippen, shin de miru?

(Pitiful shadow cloaked in darkness. Your actions cause men pain and suffering. Your soul drowns in sin. How would you like to see death?)

Finally done watching Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae. I really hope they add another season to this one though I seriously doubt that.

Throughout the series that spanned three seasons, the topic focuses on revenge. How one can access the Hell Correspondence site at exactly 12 midnight, type in the name of the person they have a grudge with and send them to hell by pulling out the string attached to the straw doll Enma Ai, the hell girl, gives them. There is a catch though, send one soul to hell and two graves are dug. Your soul shall be cursed too and you will be ferried to hell the moment you die.

Yah know revenge is a topic that really gets me glued. It's like watching soaps ala Marimar once again hahah. It's just that the level of grudge here is not the same one as Ju-on's that you carry it afterdeath while lingering around the earth haunting others while screeching in eerie cat sounds.

Anyways, as Francis Bacon puts it, revenge is a dish best served cold. With cherry on top perhaps?

Urami kikito do ketari.

(Your grudge I shall take.)
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