Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dots and Sketches

August 26 when the official blog of KOFXIII posted new contents. It featured tournament sponsor Rose Bernstein's sketches in an alternate red and an elegant blue gown.

 We also have Botan's sketches. She should be killed for what she did to that fox.

You can see also see how they applied dot graphics on those that did not make it to the game: Chang Koehan. The other three: Malin, Momoko and Oswald are all in higher quality sprites than their previous incarnation in XI.

And we see the Harukeshi (called Those from the Past in English and alternately Those from His Distant Land) without their ceremonial garbs.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter by ~ryuheihuke via Deviantart.
No copyright infringement intended.

Black Rock shooter, Doko ni ite no? Kikoemasu ka?

Jeremy: Iie! Nani daw? (hindi, ano daw?)

Dudz: Sabi ko: 'Black rock shooter, nasaan ka ngayon? Naririnig mo ba ako?

Jeremy: Shiranai ang hinahanashi ko. (Wit ni akez knowings galore ang iniisplukara kez)

Dudz: Hinahanashi? Bangag! hahaha

Jeremy: Cheh. That is called Japalog. Tunog jolog why not?!

Dudz: Sabi mo, di mo alam ang sinasabi mo.

Jeremy: Tuh-maaaa! Di ko alam ang word na 'tama' sa Japanese. I'm not paying attention to detail. Di ako maka-Yoko Yamashita.

Dudz: Sa DA!

Jeremy: Department of Agriculture? choz

Dudz: No. Kelan pa naging DA ang DAR?! Baliw! Deviant art.

Jeremy: Ayyy

Dudz: Black rock shooter...

Jeremy: Ano ba yan?

Dudz: hahah. MTV turned Anime dahil sumobra sa kasikatan sa Japan.

Jeremy: Weeeeeeeeehhh?! Ganun lang sa kanila kadali gumawa ng anime?!

Dudz: At friend ko sa DA ang gumawa ng character. Character design lang sya

Jeremy: Ayyy ikaw na!

Dudz: Then may isang lyricist na gumawa ng song inspired by the character. Aayun, bumuo sila ng banda consisting of character illustrators. Kasi yung mga MTV nila, voice synthesizer ang kumakanta, hindi tunay na tao.
Jeremy: Ahhh parang gLee lang pala?! Choz!

Dudz: Glee is gay!

Jeremy: glee = you = gay! Bwisett ka! hahah

Jeremy: Omg I lurve the black girl with the blue streak or waterga.

Dudz: Sya si Black Rock Shooter. Mganda yung upcoming anime nya. Kita mo na? Hindi lang si Rock shooter ang may Flame Eye, marami sila.

Jeremy: Pati si Cyclops at si Sauron?!

Dudz: Bangag!

Ayy ivisit nyo daw ito at antabayanan kung hindi magagalit si Dudung. Kaloka pati ako dinamay sa plugging nito eh wala naman akong malay dito pramis! Ike-ike-ike! Aja! Yuunou mo yan onesan! Nani daw?!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Saiki. I thought he's just another White Ash clone created when Ash stole Iori's treasure, the flames of the Yasakani clan turned purple upon the corruption of the Orochi blood. So it appears he is the ancestor of Ash and leader of Those From the Past. He is capable of possessing others as well as absorbing their powers.

Saiki as he transformed into this steroid-freak nude beast which looks like a cross between Mukai and Magaki. Is that black flames coming out his body or is he Ink-elemental? hahah

Pokemon Black and White

I haven't paid much attention to the whole Pokemon franchise since DS days. It's true that the last one I played was Emerald. Then came Diamond and Pearl (not the fake Keitai Denju Telefang fan translation), then Platinum, then Heart Gold and Soul Silver. The next one will be Black and White.

And there's plenty of news surfacing around the net. I'm still following's updates cause I don't know the official site of Pokemon. Well now I know and I got these fantastic arts for the starters and the legendaries.

 Meet the heroes

Visit Isshu
I dunno why the hell the large city on the 
south would build a bridge to a forest.
Tsutaaja, Pokabu, Mijumaru
Starters. Grass, fire and water. I don't if there's a secondary trait.
And Mijumaru's gotta be the ugliest water starter?!

Reshiram and Zekurom
Legendaries?! Dragon types, 
Are they Psychic and Dark types as well?!

A wild Pokemon has appeared
I lurve the black girlish one Gochiruzeru.

That reminds me, I should start playing DPP series. Should I start with Platinum immediately?


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