Thursday, February 17, 2011

KOFZ Here comes a new challenger

I've been following the MugenChina team since 2007 I think on their progress on King of Fighters Zillion. They've already managed to put in more or less 30 characters to their roster, among which favorites such as Kyo, Iori and Athena.

What I'm really excited for them is their ability to convert other characters into the KOF 96-XI standard sprites that we love. Some characters where given different modes to correspond to different movesets and character sprites matching those, like Terry in Garou and Fatal Fury costumes. Some characters were converted from 3D like Alba Meira and Another K'Dash from KOF Maximum Impact. Some striker characters were given full movesets like Syo Kirishima (the Kyo prototype) while Iori was redrawn with Another Iori sprites. Some others were redrawn to fit with the 96-XI sprite sets like Iori from XII and Miu from KOF EX2.

Another thing special with this Mugen team is they are able to put up fresh characters without having to chop up other character sprites (making other character edits too Frankensteinish). Although one did get in the roster, yes I'm looking at you Mika with some of Vanessa's missing body parts. Below are original characters from the Mugen China team:

 Sima Li

Janny Tang

Unnamed New girl 
(looks like a round girl watchathink?)

Visit Mugen China to download the game. Yes, it's in Chinese, you can Google translate it if you want but don't expect smooth Engrish out there.

Link: MugenChina
Photos by: Jackie Kaisami and LMN360

Friday, February 11, 2011

Phoenix Wright

Who is Phoenix Wright?

I was asking myself that same question before when I heard about his name why people keep mentioning him to come out in Capcom crossover games. Now after some googling around I know who he is.

He is the main protagonist in the Ace Attorney series by Capcom, a novel type game where you play as the defense attorney of your clients. He is renowned for his turnabout defenses on hopeless cases, like the eponymous mythical bird coming out of its ashes. If only he wasn't disbarred then maybe we can get him for Lindsay Lohan. Ha!

I tried one game from the series titled Trials and Tribulations where you flashback how he became a lawyer in the first place. That was the third game in the series and I intend to play it chronologically so stopped playing after the prequel scenario. I loved the game, playing sorta kinda detective in a case where the evidences will pop out eventually after exploring witness testimonies. And I get to learn how a court proceeding go, albeit in the Japanese court system. Heyy, I don't get to watch any of them The Practice or Ally McBeals before yah know.

Makes me wanna pursue Law more. Well, maybe not Penal Law but Tax and/or Commercial Law. hahah

And no, I don't think he'll be appearing anytime soon in any Capcom crossover fighting game (although he did appear in SNK vs Capcom, but it was a card game yah know) unless you want him to poke you in the eye with a pen or smash your head with a gavel.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Matthew vs Ceodore

I've started playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn for some days now. Actually I started again cause I missed one Djinn and I checked the FAQs right after the very first road block. FAIL!

Matthew is the new hero of Golden Sun Dark Dawn, the third game in the Golden Sun series. He is the son of Isaac the hero of Vale from Golden Sun Broken Seal. He inherits his father's swordsmanship and abilities as an Earth Adept. And yes they are both blonde. He starts his journey 30 years after the events of Golden Sun The Lost Age.

Ceodore is the new hero of Final Fantasy IV After Years, the sequel to Final Fantasy IV (duh?). He is the son of Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrell. He is part Lunarian, can sword-wield and can cast White magic (maybe from the mother side). And he did inherit his fathers platinum hair. He starts his joureny 17 years after the events of Final Fantasy IV.

Anyways, I'm just comparing Matthew and Ceodore because they are both sons of heroes of the previous installment before their time. I'm a big fan of the Golden Sun and Final Fantasy series (although I was bored with FF4s battle system). I'm excited with the FF4 Complete for the PSP. I hope they tweaked the ATB. hahah.
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