Friday, May 28, 2010

Farewell to a Legend

That was title of the petition for the Elite Mark Yiazmat. Indeed it was a legend. It took me 10 hours and 8 rounds to finish off this monster. And I'm on Level 96. It could have been shorter if I had known he can regenerate its lifebar if you let him recast all its buffs. (Make sure when you see him casting Faith to immediately debuff him with Dispel.)

Anyways, Yiazmat has 50 million HPs at Level 73, which is equivalent to 50 full screen boss bars. You can escape the Coliseum at Ridorana Cataract anytime to save your accomplishment just make sure he hasn't casted any buffs. It took me long enough but it really paid off having to use Shellga everytime to avoid being instantly killed by Death Strike. I put Shellga as my second priority gambit for Vaan. Once you're Shelled, you can have at least one party member by the stairs to avoid being crushed by his Rake which hits as much as 12 times around 2k-3k damage each. He absorbs Holy so you can't attack him with Excalibur, but who says you can't Telekinetically attack him?

If his HP falls below half, damage will be capped at 6999. Once he reaches below a fourth of his life, around 12 bars left, he casts Growing Pains to double his level effectively diminishing any level gaps you had before it. And did I mention he's immune to stat-lowering skills except Expose? Make use of that as well. After a short time, maybe 2 if you are that good (unlike me who leaves the game running to discover my party leader is dead and the game is paused), you'll see him vanishing in green light. Get your reward from Montblanc afterwards.

WTF 30,000 gil?! I can earn that in 1 hour. Screw you moogles! Good thing they threw in that Godslayer badge. Next step: Wyrmhero Blade! (Where shall I use this? The strongest enemy has already transmigrated.)

Trivia: Yiazmat is named after one of the series director Yasumi Matsumoto. He lost lots of the Squenix finances so they gave him the boot. They named the strongest beast in memoriam.

My checklist:
FFX-2 - Trema - farewell (thanks for the Iron Duke)
FFX - Nemesis - missed (I'm not good at the monster arena)
FFIX - Ozma - farewell (must. absorb. darkness.)
FFVIII - Omega Weapon - farewell (via Holy War boo!)
FFVII - Ruby Weapon - missed (where the hell in this gerdamn desert is it?!)
FFVI -  I can't remember any tough bosses here. (Vanish+Doom boo more!)
FFV - Omega - farewell (Dancer+Redshoes+Thundaga sword)
FFIV - Plague Horror - farewell - (WTF Mega-Doom)

Team Psycho

Psycho Soldier team is featured in the developer's blog of KOFXIII. We get to see at last their NEO Max.

First is Athena's Psychic Medley-ish Neo Max. Instead of standing in place while changing through her different incarnations, we see Athena teleporting while attacking the opponent from '94 to XI, then finishes up with her floating midscreen while summoning six Fully armored Athena bearing different weapons: rod, hammer, ball and chain, bow (although you can't attack without an arrow... nevermind), mace, and a flaming sword. Then the six transforms into psychic energy form smashing the ground ala Crystal Shatter.

You can also reflect Ash's Thermidor while retaining its properties to multihit and cause green-flame-burn.

Kensou's Neo Max looks kinda like Xiangfei's 100 hit DM. I wish they had infused him with more Dragon Power, but that power, I think, has long been abandoned since the fall of the NEST cartel.

Chin's Neo Max looks like his HSDM from '02. The only difference is that instead of just one flame which you can control where to detonate it, now he spreads the fire around his body before throwing them as projectiles.

The official blog features Team Kyokugen's story, but it's in Nihongo so that means wakarenai for me. hahah

Saturday, May 22, 2010

KOFXIII New Trailer

Posted on the official site 05.20.2010.

The blog site featured Team Terry. It shows everyone's NEO Max. Terry's looks like a Power Geyser shower or something like that. Joe's looks like his SDM back in 2003 although now they made it look like hurricane's are coming out his knuckles while delivering the punch. Andy's looks boring. He just dashes at the enemy then the screen fades black then returns showing the enemy falling down face first.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kula Diamond


Kula Diamond was at last revealed to be joining Team K' for XIII. You might remember her joining K's team after the fall of NEST in 2001. Since then she became friends with K'. She and Whip are close friends as well. They were last spotted together in XI during a ceremony attended by Team Ikari.

I was rooting for her to be included in this game. Between her and Whip, I'd pick Kula. But Whip is a tough character as well, she's fast and might land hard combos if you get confused with all her high-low play.

I'm planning to use Kula with Yuri and either Athena or Mai for my girls' team. For the guys, maybe I'd go for Ash, Kensou and... hmm... no one else. hahah. Ok I go for female characters, judge me! But seriously, the women this year are all tough. We have Vice, Mature and Elisabeth. Too bad we can't place Vanessa in the game because she had no significance to the main story. She's just a striker for the NEST saga.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Echo Isles

Troll Origins

After years in exile, the Darkspear trolls are preparing to invade the Echo Isles and reclaim the land once bestowed to them by Thrall. Led by Vol'jin, a wise and highly regarded Darkspear, the tribe's bravest warriors will set out from Orgrimmar and Sen'jin Village, seeking to bring about Zalazane's fall and begin the process of rebuilding their homes and villages on the Echo Isles.

With the release of Cataclysm as a new expansion on World of Warcraft, The Darkspear Troll race will be given a little focus this time as they introduce a new starting area for our wee Troll newbies. As you know, Trolls starts their adventure along with new Orcs in Durotar. But now, new trolls will be making their first steps at Echo Isles. New quests will be available starting level 5.

This will be the time that the Darkspear Trolls usher a new age with Vol'jin as their leader.


K' Team Update

 Maxima was announced to be in K' Team. It was quite clear that Maxima is definitely backing up K'. They've been partners since '99 why leave K' now. The short command list featured the return of his regular moves, adding only an aerial version of the M4 Vapor Cannon. I hope they make him do a straight version for button A and a diagonal going downward for version C.

The question is who will complete the team? Episode 1 of the Ash Saga in 2003 featured Whip as the third player. Episode 2 in XI featured Kula Diamond. So who will it be, Whip or Kula? Or a whole new character? I doubt. But put Diana in and they'll definitely get my vote.

Also, the KOFXIII blog featured this vid of Elisabeth owning Mai.

You can still juggle from Coup de Veine, except now you can do two consecutive then juggle as you like. The blog continues about return of Duo Lon to 2003 style, maybe about his juggle using Sutemi Juryuu?!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Juri, Lee and Luffy


KAiWAi made some of the requests for the alt costumes of SSF4 characters. Juri looks like a typical Taek Won Do fighter. Though Chae Lim from KOF MI had also worn a dobok, hers doesn't show much of her breast and the fact that they're long sleeved. And Fei Long looking good in a traditional Chinese martial arts changshan. Dhalsim's is the funniest cosplaying as Luffy. Anyways, KAi had inserted the explanations along with the finished product.

Juri wearing a dobok and cosplaying as Q. Bee.

Fei Long in a martial arts master costume.

Dhalsim cosplaying as Luffy. Funneh!

Source: KAiWAi > SSF4 Alt Costumes
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