Monday, November 7, 2011

Harasenu Harashimasu

Yami ni madoishi awarena kage yo. Hito wo kizutsuke otoshimete. Tsumi ni oboreshi gou no karma. Ippen, shin de miru?

(Pitiful shadow cloaked in darkness. Your actions cause men pain and suffering. Your soul drowns in sin. How would you like to see death?)

Finally done watching Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae. I really hope they add another season to this one though I seriously doubt that.

Throughout the series that spanned three seasons, the topic focuses on revenge. How one can access the Hell Correspondence site at exactly 12 midnight, type in the name of the person they have a grudge with and send them to hell by pulling out the string attached to the straw doll Enma Ai, the hell girl, gives them. There is a catch though, send one soul to hell and two graves are dug. Your soul shall be cursed too and you will be ferried to hell the moment you die.

Yah know revenge is a topic that really gets me glued. It's like watching soaps ala Marimar once again hahah. It's just that the level of grudge here is not the same one as Ju-on's that you carry it afterdeath while lingering around the earth haunting others while screeching in eerie cat sounds.

Anyways, as Francis Bacon puts it, revenge is a dish best served cold. With cherry on top perhaps?

Urami kikito do ketari.

(Your grudge I shall take.)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

KOF XIII Console

King of Fighters XIII is coming out on PS3 and XBOX360. It seems the arcade version is still a bit incomplete so they're adding some stuff in for the console release. I think they'ire adding some back stories for the other characters who didn't make it to the roster this year.

There are snapshots showing Adelheid. Rose Bernstein is the sponsor of this year's tournament so I'm wondering why Adelheid has not competed as a special boss or something. There's also another shot with Heidern meeting up with Agent Team Vanessa, Blue Mary, Seth and Ramon.

But the most anticipated added feature is the inclusion of three console specific characters.

The first one is Billy Kane. He's sporting the same costume he wore in the original Fatal Fury (subtitled King of Fighters in 1993). This is the same one he wore when he first entered King of Fighters in 1995. We know hhee changed into his Real Bout costume in 1997.

The next one is Saiki, Ash's ancestor, and master of Those From the Past. He's using Ash as a base in most of his actions, so yeah he's a clone. Only difference is he's using dark flames instead of green. Kinda Mugen-ish if you ask me. His NeoMAX is similar to Orochi Chris's HSDM where he changes into the large red nude Saiki and then fill the screen with black flames until it fades entirely to black.

The last one is Iori Yagami. This time he has regained his flame, maybe this character was supposed to exist in the game after the defeat of Ash. His mode is the same as he was last seen with flames in KOFXI. His NeoMAX is the same as his HDSM in KOF 2002 with just purple flames exploding.

I've seen another one but I still can't confirm. There's another costume for Kyo where he wears his costume way back in KOF '94. I think this is just an alternate costume since the video shows him using the same moves in the arcade version.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dissidia 011

I've been playing Duodecim for like a hundred and thirty hours now... intermittently yah know. I still have life to do so yeah I barely have time to play this. Actually I've just started playing, still on my forty something days. I'm still working out who will be on my party.

I'm also enjoying the DLC costumes and I've been imagining what if they make cosplay DLCs say Cloud as Zack, or Ultimecia as Rinoa, or Yuna as Rydia. Actually I tried searching the net and I only came up with Youtube vids of (poorly made) DLCs for Lightning and others. Mostly recolors, they didn't even bother fixing up the mesh. Anyhoo, I dunno if it is just me who's late or this the coolest thing in Dissidia fanficdom happening now, some guy (or girl?) named irie had drawn heroes and villains, Dissidia-style, as if they would be facing off for Cycle 11. I'm posting it here cause they are love.

Chaos (FF 4 Heroes of Light), Shiroi Kumo Makenshi (FF Unlimited), Cid Raines (FFXIII), High Seraph Ultima (FFT), Vayne Carudas Solidor (FFXII), Garland (FF), Seifer Almasy (FFVIII), Seymour Guado (FFX), Genesis Rhapsodos (Crisis Core), Stella Nox Fleuret (FFXIIIversus).

Brandt (4 Heroes of Light), Kuroki Kaze (FF Unlimited), Snow Villiers (FFXIII), Ramza Beoulve (FFT), Ashe B'nargin Dalmasca (FFXII), Warrior of Light (FF), Squall Leonhart (FFVIII), High Summoner Yuna (FFX), Zack Fair (Crisis Core),  Noctis Lucim Caelum (FFXIIIversus).

Source: irie via

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Master Ryu

Been a long time since I've written about any game... been busy at work and stuff yah know. Anyways, I revisited this blog and saw that the main traffic is on the alt costumes for SSIV4. I then revisited KaiWai's thread where he posted his ideas. At first I thought he hasn't updated anything until I saw Ryu.

Ryu is wearing the same gi as his master Gouken. He's also sporting a beard which makes him look older, wiser, and hopefully calmer (maybe a time when he has overcome his Satsui no Hadou. It suits him actually, and it also makes him hotter hahah. Casual wear isn't actually a Ryu thing yah know.

Below is a montage of Ryu designs for SSIV I think. The first two on the right page were included as alternate DLC for him. Such a shame but I liked the 3rd, 5th and 7th (yum hahah).

Source: KaiWai's alternate costumes

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KOF 13 on PC

 Photo by ~QAZIERU via

Hey it's out! Just when you think KOF13's going to be shelved behind countless stacks of Pachinko machines, SNKP announced that it will be porting King of Fighters XIII on XBox and PS3 sometime this year.

But even before that, you can try playing it via a dump rom somewhere on the net (read: torrent). It has a loader.bat that lets you play the arcade mode. Having lots a fun right now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resident Evil Archives

I'm not really a fan of the whole gore-fest, survival horror genre pero there's something about Resident Evil that keeps me coming back for more. I've played all three titles on the Playstation 1 but unfortunately missed out on all subsequent games after them. Pero ngayong meron na akong Wii eh pwede ko na malaro yung RE4 ni Leon. Other RE titles sa Wii eh yung Darkside Chronicles which is a shooter game ala Virtua Cop pero set sa time ng RE2 nila Leon at Claire.

Heniweys may remake pala ang Resident Evil sa Wii. Maraming version differences from the original game. Like yung mga crimson head zombies na akswali faster version ng zombies dahil tumatakbo sila, nang-iislash, at bumubuga ng bile, imagine yung mga athletic zombies sa Left4Dead. So ngayon kelangan mo na talagang magsunog ng mga zombies via lighter ang kerosene kung ayaw mong ma-Night of the Living Dead ka. And now marunong nang magbukas ng doors ang mga zombies, minsan so consider your friendly typewriter as your sanctuary, wag lang mag-adik masyado sa ribbons. Tapos may inintro pa silang primogenitor virus freak na si Lisa Trevor na nakakabuset dahil immortal sya. Lisa, hindi ka naman boba, slow ka lang you weirdo, you freak! Choz.

I just finished playing Chris Redfield's scenario. Ewan ko ba bakit ko inuna si Chris samantalang easier version yung kay Jill Vallentine although for a price of smaller stamina so kelangan mo na magrely sa pagalingan na lang magshoot and run hahah. Meron syang additional 2 item slots nya. Meron din syang free access sa lockpick. Other differences between them eh si Jill marunong magpiano and yes magagamit mo ang talent na yan sa pagplay ng Moonlight Sonata at ipapahiya talaga nya si Rebecca Chambers at Lady GaGa sa aspetong yan pramis. Marunong din sya magmix ng chemicals at expert sa herbology.

Buti na lang talaga at natyaga ko ang game na to kahit limited lang ang mga bullets ko. Andaming boss enemies akong napatay using pistol lang ha. Second best weapon ko ang shotgun pero very limited ang shells. Favorite ko naman ang magnum dahil kahit limited rounds sya eh capable naman sya ng perfect headshots. Is it still normal kung winiwish ko sumabog ang utak nila?

Heniweys kapag natetegi ako sa game eh nakikita ko ang loading screen na may tagline at naisip ko lang ifill in the blanks. Fear can't kill you but...

1. Zombies will. (including crimson heads and hunters)
2. Cerberi will.
3. Crows will.
4. Spiders will. (of all sizes)
5. Snakes will. (including giant snake forms preferring J Lo as food stuffs)
6. Sharks will. (including freak sizes able to destroy underwater facilities)
7. Mutated plants will.
8. Big boulders will. (no moss types... yah know rolling stone?)
9. Chimaeras will.
10. Tyrant-virus-infused-freakazoids will.

and, lastly, Heart attack will. So yeah, lahat talaga gusto kang tegihin. Parang episode lang ng Final Destination na nanghahabol. O eksena sa Fengshui na pinipilit tegihin ni Lotus Feet si Lotlot. Remember? choz

May tanong lang ako, kung nakakagat ka ng mga zombies tapos kumain ka lang ng green herb eh gagaling ka na (hallelujah), bakit di na lang natin pakainin yung ibang mga zombies ng green plants? Di ba sila magically gagaling sa kanilang zombification? Or at least madivert ang kanilang cannibalism to herbivorism? Pero ayaw ni sunflower ng ganyan. Choz.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Westeros Sigils

I've been reading George R. R. Martin's novels from the Song of Fire and Ice series for quite some time now. The fifth book will be released around July under the title A Dance of Dragons. Meanwhile HBO produced a TV series of the first book A Game of Thrones and will be aired in April. I'm so excited for that but it seems HBOAsia will receive the series later this year.

The main site has produced wallpapers of the sigils for the Seven Kingdoms in Westeros.

House Stark - Black wolf on a silver field.
Their words "Winter is coming."


House Baratheon - Antlers of the crowned stag, black on a golden field.
Their words "Ours is the fury."

House Lannister - Golden lion on a crimson field.
Their words "Hear me roar."


House Greyjoy - Golden kraken on a black field.
Their words "We do not sow."


House Tully - Leaping trout on a rippling blue and red field.
Their words "Family. Duty. Honor."


House Arryn - Falcon on a blue field.
Their words "As high as honor."

House Targaryen - Three headed dragon, red on a black field.
Their words "Fire and blood."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vive l'indifference!

GEORGE: You're doing a fine job.

PAINTER: Merci. I have my professional pride.
GEORGE: I don't think I've ever seen a Gauloise smoked so stylishly.

PAINTER: It's a natural talent.
GEORGE: I'm being sarcastic.

PAINTER: I'm being indifferent.
GEORGE: You're very good at that as well.

PAINTER: Merci. Vive l'indifference!

From Shadows of the Templars (Director's Cut DS version)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

KOFZ Here comes a new challenger

I've been following the MugenChina team since 2007 I think on their progress on King of Fighters Zillion. They've already managed to put in more or less 30 characters to their roster, among which favorites such as Kyo, Iori and Athena.

What I'm really excited for them is their ability to convert other characters into the KOF 96-XI standard sprites that we love. Some characters where given different modes to correspond to different movesets and character sprites matching those, like Terry in Garou and Fatal Fury costumes. Some characters were converted from 3D like Alba Meira and Another K'Dash from KOF Maximum Impact. Some striker characters were given full movesets like Syo Kirishima (the Kyo prototype) while Iori was redrawn with Another Iori sprites. Some others were redrawn to fit with the 96-XI sprite sets like Iori from XII and Miu from KOF EX2.

Another thing special with this Mugen team is they are able to put up fresh characters without having to chop up other character sprites (making other character edits too Frankensteinish). Although one did get in the roster, yes I'm looking at you Mika with some of Vanessa's missing body parts. Below are original characters from the Mugen China team:

 Sima Li

Janny Tang

Unnamed New girl 
(looks like a round girl watchathink?)

Visit Mugen China to download the game. Yes, it's in Chinese, you can Google translate it if you want but don't expect smooth Engrish out there.

Link: MugenChina
Photos by: Jackie Kaisami and LMN360

Friday, February 11, 2011

Phoenix Wright

Who is Phoenix Wright?

I was asking myself that same question before when I heard about his name why people keep mentioning him to come out in Capcom crossover games. Now after some googling around I know who he is.

He is the main protagonist in the Ace Attorney series by Capcom, a novel type game where you play as the defense attorney of your clients. He is renowned for his turnabout defenses on hopeless cases, like the eponymous mythical bird coming out of its ashes. If only he wasn't disbarred then maybe we can get him for Lindsay Lohan. Ha!

I tried one game from the series titled Trials and Tribulations where you flashback how he became a lawyer in the first place. That was the third game in the series and I intend to play it chronologically so stopped playing after the prequel scenario. I loved the game, playing sorta kinda detective in a case where the evidences will pop out eventually after exploring witness testimonies. And I get to learn how a court proceeding go, albeit in the Japanese court system. Heyy, I don't get to watch any of them The Practice or Ally McBeals before yah know.

Makes me wanna pursue Law more. Well, maybe not Penal Law but Tax and/or Commercial Law. hahah

And no, I don't think he'll be appearing anytime soon in any Capcom crossover fighting game (although he did appear in SNK vs Capcom, but it was a card game yah know) unless you want him to poke you in the eye with a pen or smash your head with a gavel.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Matthew vs Ceodore

I've started playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn for some days now. Actually I started again cause I missed one Djinn and I checked the FAQs right after the very first road block. FAIL!

Matthew is the new hero of Golden Sun Dark Dawn, the third game in the Golden Sun series. He is the son of Isaac the hero of Vale from Golden Sun Broken Seal. He inherits his father's swordsmanship and abilities as an Earth Adept. And yes they are both blonde. He starts his journey 30 years after the events of Golden Sun The Lost Age.

Ceodore is the new hero of Final Fantasy IV After Years, the sequel to Final Fantasy IV (duh?). He is the son of Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrell. He is part Lunarian, can sword-wield and can cast White magic (maybe from the mother side). And he did inherit his fathers platinum hair. He starts his joureny 17 years after the events of Final Fantasy IV.

Anyways, I'm just comparing Matthew and Ceodore because they are both sons of heroes of the previous installment before their time. I'm a big fan of the Golden Sun and Final Fantasy series (although I was bored with FF4s battle system). I'm excited with the FF4 Complete for the PSP. I hope they tweaked the ATB. hahah.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dissidia Duodecim Flash Update

So there, I haven't updated much about which games I'm playing or following right now. One I'm most excited is the prequel to Dissidia, titled Dissidia Duodecim. It tells the story of the twelfth cycle war between the forces of Cosmos and Chaos. Many new characters are added in the game and this will tell you their story why there were not part of the thirteenth cycle.

Heniweys, the new combatants (or should they be old fighters since this one is a flashback of the present Dissidia, I got confused. hahah) are, in order of announcement via official site: Lightning (or miss Claire Farron), Kain Highwind, Tifa Lockhart,Vaan, and Laguna Loire. Lady Summoner has been presented via teaser in clip showing her performing her Sending ritual, and voila Yuna was last seen in a page in Famitsu update.

Lightning can change paradigm shift. Kain uses his dragoon abilities. Tifa's EX mode looks awful with her wearing somewhat an ultimate weapon which doesn't resemble her God's Hand, more like Twin Bee gloves. Vaan looks promising in this game as he is able to change weapons in battle the same way how in FFXII you can master any weapon you've learned via License grid, and he doesn't need to be in EX mode to be able to move like Gabranth. Laguna has more ranged attacks relying mostly on his bzookas and looks like an Irvine Kinneas clone.Yuna fights in her original summoner mode and her EX burst is Sending where she sends off multiple summons on the enemy (instead of sending the enemy to Farplane which should've been a lot easier doncha think?)

Other updates include third costumes. Most notable is the Edea cosplay of Ultimecia. Although she actually did possess Edea, why haven't they also tried having costumes for Adel and Rinoa? Cecil and Golbez's third costume comes from designs in The After Years. Gabranth's is the one he wore to impersonate Basch in the opening chapter in FFXII. All the rest are based on Amano's arts. Lightning and Cloud have an unlockable form based on 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts respectively.

Other updates include assist system which I haven't reasearch on yet.

Final Fantasy IV Complete

Amano illustration featuring the 
The After cast headed by Ceodore.

I'm so excited for this one. I know I felt bored playing FF4 on GBA because I felt it was too slow. I haven't tried the DS version yet. And I know I can't play the The After sequel since it was only available as a downloadable content on mobile phones in Japan. Good luck to me.

Until fortune smile one day.

And here comes the PSP version, Final Fantasy IV Complete. It features the original game and the sequel in redrawn high resolution 2D graphics, plus a scenario that bridges the two games. As per wiki. Just one more problem, I have yet to buy my own PSP. hahah.

I 'm hoping to get that within the first quarter of the year. Right in time for Duodecim.
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