Sunday, September 7, 2014

X-Women Power

It's only now that I've started catching up with my X-Men. I remembering just watching the 90s cartoon series. It was fun. Really. But when you go back to your wikis, I was so surprised the comic books are way too different from what I knew from the cartoons. And I'm not even talking about the cinematic universe cause they're really fucked up.

Anyway, with various mutants transferring from team to team, it's hard to follow who's on whose team. With a mutant rebellion headed by Cyclops and Wolverine now an Uncanny Avenger, the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning is left with the ladies to defend. Yes, it's girl power on the latest volume of the X-Men franchise.

Marvel has so many girls. Come to think of it: Avengers has the Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. On another side of the galaxy we have Gamora, strongest woman in the galaxy, and Angela. Asgard has Brunhilde and Sif. And now Marvel will be releasing a lady Thor, which is weird I know. DC has just a few, and you only need one: Wonder Woman. Up to now I don't think Marvel has a direct rival to the princess of Themyscira.

The current roster for X-Men is Jubilee, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, and Monet St. Croix lead by Storm fighting against the Sisterhood of Mutants. I don't like the mohawk on Ororo though, a throwback hairstyle if you must. The past Jean Grey is with the other time-displaced First Class team including Kitty Pryde and X-23. The Uncanny X-Men has Emma Frost and Magik. X-Force has Domino, Hope Summers, and Spiral on different team sets. X-Factor has Polaris. I'm not even haflway counting the ladies.

The poster above is Terry Dodson's variant of the 5th issue. We still have Rogue in it. I thought she's part of the Uncanny Avengers? I dunno, I haven't started reading about this volume.

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